Finnish e-banking

In Finland online banking is the most popular payment method, used by 5 million shoppers in the market, and representing up to 70% of the e-payment mix. Benefits include:


  • High conversion rate
  • Guaranteed transactions
  • Secure payments
  • Supported by all major Finnish banks

How it works



Select Finnish e-banking

Shopper chooses Finnish e-banking from list of payment methods.



Enter bank details

Shopper is redirected to the bank environment and enters bank details.



Select bank account

Shopper selects their bank account.



Confirm payment

Shopper confirms the payment.



Confirmation page

Shopper reaches the confirmation page and is redirected back to the merchant's site.

Accept Finnish e-banking with Adyen

Adyen offers a full service Finnish e-banking solution, including all reconciliation, reporting and settlement services. With Adyen, merchants have no need to enter into contracts with Finnish banks.


Europe: Finland

Settlement currency


Channel Ecommerce
Processing currencies EUR
Refunds Yes
Settlement delay 3-6 days


We charge:

Adyen processing fee + payment method fee

Commission per transaction, may differ per region.

Different commissions apply depending on the payment method.

Processing fee Payment method fee
€ 0.10 € 0.55

The Adyen platform supports all key payment methods globally.

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Ready to integrate?

Client Side Encryption

Keep full control over page design and customer data without the burden of PCI compliance with Client Side Encryption, where payment data is encrypted before it passes through your system.

Adyen's API integration

Host your own payment pages and in-app checkout screens with control of transaction management and shopper data. With this integration, data is routed to your own server, so you must be PCI compliant.

Directory Lookup

Dynamically serve a targeted list of relevant payment methods based on your shoppers’ location, basket value or currency.