Adyen RevenueProtect

Comprehensive risk management to protect your growth
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Minimize risk. Maximize revenue.

The biggest challenge with fraud prevention is how you maintain your defenses without compromising your shoppers’ frictionless checkout experience, or accidentally refusing legitimate transactions. Too often risk management comes at the cost of lowering conversions.

With RevenueProtect, you have an integrated risk management system built directly into the Adyen payments platform, designed to maintain the perfect balance between fraud defense and optimized conversions.

With RevenueProtect, Spotify decreased chargebacks by 70%

Minimize chargebacks without
damaging conversions

Dynamic 3D Secure is a powerful tool that can have a positive impact on both chargebacks and conversions. Using performance tracking logic, RevenueProtect dynamically routes only the transactions with a high-likelihood of success to 3D Secure. In that way you can reduce your financial liability while ensuring good-customer authorizations.

"Implementing Dynamic 3D Secure for has seen almost the complete elimination of unpaid orders across all markets." PingKi Houang, COO

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Save time on manual reviews

The Risk Engine uses a combination of machine learning, industry data and fully customizable criteria to decide, in real-time, if transactions are approved, declined, routed to 3D Secure or held for manual review. This approach to risk mitigation allows for unprecedented levels of automation.

Fine-tune settings to suit your business

To further optimize your risk settings, you have the Risk Engine Optimizer. The optimizer uses a combination of your transaction data and statistical modelling to suggest changes to your settings, highlighting opportunities to stop more fraud and reduce good-customer friction. With this you can fine-tune your risk settings according to your specific requirements and predict the revenue impact of any changes before you implement them.

Automate your chargeback defense

RevenueProtect can defend up to 25% of chargebacks automatically, freeing up valuable resources by not dealing with lengthy disputes.

Minimized risk, maximized revenue

RevenueProtect is the only built-in risk management solution able to leverage data across the whole payment flow. And its advanced algorithms work round the clock to ensure the payment flow for good shoppers is optimal while fraudsters are stopped in their tracks.

As a result chargebacks are down, manual reviews are decreased and conversions are optimized. Overall this means an incremental increase in your revenue!

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