Recurring and subscription payments

Increase authorizations, decrease churn

With Adyen, you can easily support recurring payments and increase your authorization rates, decrease churn - ultimately resulting in new revenue for your business.

  • Validate new cards in real-time
  • Keep card details up-to-date
  • Increase revenue with automated tools
  • Support key local payment methods
Credit card to make a subscription payment

Confirm card details at sign up

Our dynamic card validation feature increases the chance you can successfully charge recurring transactions depending on the issuing bank's preferences per region.

Automatically update card data

Cards are continuously reissued, which contributes significantly to subscriber churn. Our Account Updater offers customizable or automated card selection rules to determine which cards to update. The result? Fewer customer dropoffs and increased authorization rates.

Go beyond credit cards

Support popular payment methods around the world, from credit and debit cards to Alipay, SEPA Direct Debit and more. This means you can accept recurring payments in methods that your customers prefer no matter where they might be.


Improve authorization rates with real-time numbers

Our data-centric approach means we are constantly working to increase your authorizations. Whether it's minimizing fraud with RevenueProtect, determining optimal billing times per region, or strategically routing and retrying transactions to achieve the highest authorization rates with RevenueAccelerate, we help you optimize your strategy country by country. 

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