Omnichannel payments

Provide a seamless experience across every sales channel
  • Delight your shoppers online, on mobile and in store
  • Support click and collect, cross-channel returns, and more
  • Deliver personalized service for loyal shoppers

Dazzle your shopper in any sales channel

Our unique omnichannel payments technology makes it easy for your shopper to move seamlessly from your online store to your mobile app, to your physical store at her convenience. This provides countless opportunities for delighting shoppers, building loyalty, and increasing revenue.

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Let your shopper call the shots


Bring the entire inventory in store

Never again lose a sale because an item is out of stock. By installing in-store kiosks (or endless aisles) you can give your shoppers access to your online inventory. They can browse additional sizes and colors, pay in store and have the items delivered to their home.

Support click and collect

Enabling your shopper to buy online and pick up in store not only makes his life easier, is more cost efficient for you. It also has the positive side-effect that shoppers who collect items in-store are likely to purchase additional items while they’re at it.

Enable cross-channel returns

An easy returns process reduces the perceived risk and removes another barrier to conversion. If your online and in-store payments are managed centrally, you can easily accommodate the online shopper who wishes to return her item in-store.

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"For an omnichannel, multi-market offering such as the one we are developing with Moss Bros, a single payments solution with one backoffice that can be rolled out seamlessly across multiple markets, payment methods, and currencies is a real game changer."
Neil Sansom  —  Omnichannel Director

Reward loyal shoppers with personalized service

Because all transaction history is collected in one system, it is easy to recognize shoppers across sales channels. This gives you the chance to roll out the red carpet or trigger targeted offers.

Thanks to Adyen tokenization, you can securely store customer card details so returning shoppers needn't enter their card details a second time.

Further, an overview of shopper payment history will help you better understand your customers and develop a strategy to drive conversions and build loyalty.

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"With Adyen, we are able to tokenize credit cards so we can serve a repeat customer who comes to our hotel every week, and only ask for their credit card once." - Lennert de Jong, Director of Distribution and Business Development

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Free guide: Optimizing payments for omnichannel commerce

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