Meet your future power shopper: Gen Z

A retailer’s guide to understanding Gen Z shoppers

Is your business ready for Gen Z?

The world has been hyper-focused on how Millennials are changing our economy, especially in retail. But the next big shift will be driven by Generation Z.

Adyen commissioned an exclusive U.S. survey to understand the shopping habits and expectations of this impactful generational group. A sneak peek at the data about Gen Z:

  • 60% think it’s important for brands to value their opinion
  • 93% prefer to shop without help from a sales associate
  • 70% are tastemakers who influence their family’s spending
  • 48% expect to be able to return or exchange items bought online in a store
  • 46% are using chat apps to communicate with brands

Retailers should get a head start tailoring experiences to Gen Z to build shopping models that will be relevant for years to come.

Read more of Adyen’s research by downloading the full report.

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