How can our payments platform benefit your business?

1. What is your company's annual global revenue?

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2. What is the number of countries in which your company operates?

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3. In the next 3 years, how many new countries do you expect to launch in?

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4. What percentage of your company’s total revenue comes from ecommerce?

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What Adyen can do for you*

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Potential annual benefit of implementing Adyen

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Potential annual benefit as % of Revenue

For more information, download the Forrester study

*Disclaimer - The calculator is for representational purposes only and not intended to nor guaranteed to be actual savings the user may receive from Adyen’s services.

Download the Forrester Total Economic Impact Report

A new commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Adyen finds that retailers can see benefits of $5.8 million over three years.

  • Better ROI: 15 basis point reduction in fees outside of transaction costs.
  • More approvals: 40% reduction in the number of transactions declined.
  • Increased productivity: 70% productivity gains from managing a reduced number of payment partners.

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