Shopping in the ‘burbs and beyond

Adyen commissioned 451 Research to do a survey. It shows how shoppers around the country view long lines, digital technologies, and their overall financial outlook.

Urban and rural shoppers: how they differ

A new survey by 451 Research of about 1000 US consumers explores how shoppers across cities, towns and rural areas like to shop.

You might have guessed that big-city shoppers have a greater affinity for digital devices and technologies than either suburban or rural shoppers. But here’s what you might not guess: 

  • Rural Northeast shoppers are the most price-sensitive 
  • Metropolitan Midwesterners are the most brand-conscious 
  • Rural consumers enjoy shopping the most, and they have the strongest financial outlook of all groups

Learn how these shopping habits can affect your business. Download the full report to see the survey results.

% of consumers that have abandoned a purchase 5+ times in the past 6 months due to long lines

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