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What do shoppers really want?

#AdyenRetailTherapy is our mission to explore what UK shoppers really want and give retailers a helping hand to make sure they don’t fall short of consumer’s expectations.

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Our journey has involved a shopper and retailer survey, a retail star-studded London event, attendee interviews at RBTE and discussions at Drapers Fashion Forum. And we’ve uncovered some pretty interesting facts about what makes the British shopper tick in 2017.

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Adyen Retail Therapy Report

Consumers and retailers may be a little less British than we thought

We surveyed 2000 U.K. shoppers and 500 retailers to understand the realities of today's shopping experience and discovered some interesting facts about the British shopper.

We've learned the store is alive and well, with 63% of shoppers more likely to buy in-store. But there are still huge opportunities for retailers to optimise their online and mobile experiences.

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63% of Brits are more likely to buy in-store than online.
But we hate queuing.

Adyen Retail Therapy Event

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An evening of retail ideas and inspiration

We gathered together some of the greatest minds in British retail, to explore the findings of our recent consumer and retailer surveys, and discuss the opportunities and challenges transforming the retail landscape.

Speakers included: Adam Bialy, Senior Product Owner at Sainsbury’s and Matthew Syed, award-winning author of Bounce and Blackbox Thinking.

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Hot off the trade-floor

Adyen at RBTE and Drapers Fashion Forum 2017


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RBTE: Now it's personal

Shoppers increasingly expect an experience tailored to them. They want to be recognized across channels, they want loyalty tied to their credit card, and they don’t want to enter promo codes to claim discounts. 

We caught up with retailers & industry partners at RBTE to discuss how shopper expectations are changing, the industry is evolving, and where retailers should focus their efforts.

Drapers: Chinese shoppers and unified commerce

A panel discussion explored the opportunity presented by Chinese shoppers and the importance of supporting Chinese payment methods. Discover more about the Chinese shopper in our China Payments Guide.

Mike West from Lush spoke with Myles Dawson from Adyen about the journey towards unified commerce, and the importance of connecting with shoppers across all touchpoints.

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