Peak season:
5 tips to prepare your business

Are you ready for peak season?

Whether you expect a great spike in trade or it’s business as usual, it's always good to be prepared. To help you out, we've put together the following five tips based off our experience of working with businesses like yours during this time of year.

We hope you find it helpful. Any questions, give us a shout.

#1 Maximise stability

We know how important the next couple of months are for you and we've been busy all year to ensure our platform is ready for the inevitable spike in sales.

To ensure things run as smoothly as they can on your end, it's a good idea to ensure your whole team is familiar with your set-up so you're not having to train and troubleshoot while things are ramping up.

Sometimes you'll need to make changes to your set up, whether it's adding a new payment method or custom risk rule. Although, during this period, we recommend keeping them to a minimum. If you do need to make changes make sure to communicate them internally and let customer success know - that's what we're here for.

#2 Help yourself

If you run into difficulties, the quickest solution can usually be found in our online resources:

Adyen Education

Here you'll find live webinars and short how-to videos so you can quickly get the answer to questions like “How do I refund a payment?” or “How do I create new users?” 

Adyen docs

Our documentation is useful for understanding how Adyen works, and how to implement different solutions and services. It’s an accessible hub of knowledge that's worth familiarising yourself with.

#3: Know who to contact

If you are unable to find a solution in our education pages or documentation, we are happy to help. In order to get your query to most relevant team as quickly as possible, please use the following details:

Customer Success
We're your strategic partner for growth, optimisations, and payments consultation. Whether you have a general query, a payment issue, or financial questions, please drop us an email. Note: This is a 9-5 service.

Technical support
For technical, integration and development questions, email technical support with Customer Success in CC. Please include relevant details such as PSP references and merchant account details. Note: This service is 24/7.

#4: Stay up-to-date

Whether it’s a fraud notification or platform availability, System Messages are the place to go. We recommend everyone in your team subscribes to the relevant System Messages for them. For example, if someone is monitoring fraud, they'd benefit from subscribing to ‘Fraud’ and ‘Chargeback’ notifications. On the other hand, someone from finance will benefit from ’Settlement and Payout’ and ‘Balances and Payout’ System Messages.

Learn more about system messages here.

Find information on the Adyen platform and the latest incident reports here.

#5 Prepare for refunds

Inevitably, a busy shopping period often leads to a busy returns period. To keep customers happy and refunds flowing, we use your in-process funds. Bear in mind, it's likely your refunds will outpace your pending payable funds directly after a busy sale period. 

Setting up a Reserve means you’re prepared for operational expenses such as refunds and chargebacks as and when you don’t have sufficient in-process funds. This is really worth doing since, if you haven’t set up a Reserve, or if the Reserve doesn’t have enough funds, the refund will fail.

To set up a reserve and ensure you're able to refund your customers over this period, visit this page.

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