Retail lessons from China:
Discover how to sell effectively to Chinese consumers in the UK

Chinese shoppers represent a huge opportunity for UK retailers. But what do they expect from a shopping experience?

To learn more, Adyen teamed up with Emerging Communications and Global Blue. We toured shopping hot-spots in China, hosted consumer focus groups, and spoke to social media influencers and leading technology partners.

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Part 1: The opportunity for UK businesses

Chinese shoppers represent a huge opportunity with tourist, student and expat numbers growing yearly, but where do you start?

Part 2: Understanding what they need

Discover how Chinese consumers like to shop and how to reach them, capture their attention and win their custom.

Part 3: Technology

Technology is embedded in Chinese culture, but how can you replicate this to excite these shoppers when they’re buying in the UK.

Meet the team

To help retailers increase their understanding of Chinese shoppers, global payments company Adyen teamed up with Chinese digital marketing agency, Emerging Communications, and tax refund company, Global Blue. The report is a culmination of our research.

Myles Dawson

Adyen, Managing Director

Technology is such an important element to winning Chinese customers in the UK. Put yourselves in their shoes. They are outside their comfort zone – overcoming barriers such as language, culture, currency, and lack of mobile in the customer experience. Adding technology to make the shopping experience a little more familiar and frictionless will make a big difference to them.

Domenica di Lieto
Emerging Communications, CEO

The fundamentals of winning business from all Chinese consumer groups is to truly know and understand target audience segments and to act on this knowledge to combine communications and in store experiences. Retailers need to invest in creating journeys that optimise purchasing, and long-term dialogue that generates repeat sales.

Garry Buckland

Global Blue, Head of Strategic Partnerships 

There are many reasons why Chinese consumers love shopping in Britain. They can buy brands or products that they can’t get back home and they can ensure their products are authentic. But value cannot be underestimated. Many western items are highly taxed in China so shopping abroad can be highly cost-effective. Enabling consumers to reclaim the UK tax on top of this is a very powerful proposition for Chinese shoppers.

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