Is customer experience costing you revenue?

Last year, retailers missed out on £2.6 trillion in revenue, globally. Find out how to create a positive shopping experience and avoid losing revenue. 

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Adyen's 2019 Global Retail Report

In an age where customer experience is so critical to loyalty, how do retailers keep up?

Consumers expect a seamless experience across all shopping touch points, and failure to deliver can come at a huge cost - £2.6 trillion to be exact.

In this report, we aim to provide key insights to help your business deliver great payment experiences for your customers - and help you tap into additional revenue.


Key Highlights

Our need-to-knows from this years retail report


Unified commerce

56% of shoppers have made a purchase as a direct result of a retailer offering a cross-channel buying option. 


Social media

Social media is the way to keep it personal - 20% of consumers say they use social media to make purchases.


Payment methods

50% of in-store shoppers and 50% of online shoppers have abandoned their purchase because the right payment method hasn’t been on offer.


What is the impact for
UK retail?



of UK shoppers want to pay with digital wallets



lost by UK retailers in 2018 due to poor customer experience



retailer revenue lost in the UK last year due to out of stocks

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