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Last year, retailers missed out on £2.6 trillion in revenue, globally. Our latest report reveals how to create a positive shopping experience and avoid losing revenue. 

Hospitality: 3 strategies for digital transformation

Practical advice to stay ahead of the competition

  • Get ideas for contextual commerce
  • Discover how to streamline payments
  • Learn more about card-linked loyalty


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Research-based advice to keep you ahead of the game

Technology advances have taught us to expect speed and convenience at every step. Things are moving quickly and customer expectations are evolving.

But less than 1 in 4 hospitality businesses report having formal strategies in place for digital transformation.

That signifies a huge opportunity for those that get it right - but you have to act now.

To help you identify key areas on which focus your efforts, Adyen commissioned 451 Research to survey consumers and hospitality businesses from across 12 countries.

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Key findings: 3 strategies to transform your CX

Contextual commerce

3 in 5 consumers aged 18-35 report that the ability to make purchases on social media sites could increase their online shopping frequency.

Easy payments

60% of consumers report that the ability to pay in one-click online would increase their loyalty to a business.

The personal touch

3 in 5 consumers report that personalized experiences based on past purchases and preferences would increase their loyalty.

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