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Accelerate your business with the industry-leading insights on growth, sustainability, and payments innovation from Elevate 2020.


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Elevate Part 1: Recap

A short and sweet summary of Elevate Part 1.

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Elevate Part 2: Recap

A short and sweet summary of Elevate Part 2.

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Elevate Part 1: Full Show

From responding to customers in times of crisis to building a future-proof business, hear from the Founders of Picnic, MatchWornShirt and Gebrouwen door Vrouwen.

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Elevate Part 2: Full Show

From the secrets of rapid growth to sustainability strategies and community impact, hear insights from leading European brands like VanMoof, Domino’s, GO Sharing, and more.

Picnic at Elevate

Picnic: Rapid Growth: Risks, Tricks, and Lessons

How do you build an industry-changing business and grow it at breakneck speed? Learn to take risks and listen to your customers with Michiel Muller, Founder of Picnic.

Match worn Shirt @ Elevate

MatchWornShirt: Sweaty Shirts and Social Impact

Find out how a unique business idea turned into an incredible social impact story with Tijmen Zonderwijk, Co-founder, MatchWornShirt.

Domino's at Elevate

Domino’s: The Secret to Global Expansion

How do you tackle large scale expansion? Learn growth strategy and digital innovation from Andre Ten Wolde, CEO, Domino’s Pizza Europe.

Jan Pieter at Elevate - Contextual Commerce

New Ways of Selling: Contextual Commerce

What is contextual commerce, and why does it matter? Explore social buying, smart suggestions, and visual search with Adyen’s Head of Retail and Hospitality Solutions, Jan Pieter Lips. 

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Responding to Customer Needs in Times of Crisis

How have European businesses adapted to COVID-19? Hear the stories of Tijmen Zonderwijk, Co-founder of Match Worn Shirt, Tessel de Heij, Co-Founder of Gebrouwen door Vrouwenand, and Michiel Muller, Founder of Picnic.

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Gebrouwen door Vrouwen: Brewing Passion with Profit

Learn how a home brewing experiment turned into one of the best selling brands in the Netherlands in just 7 years with Tessel de Heij, Co-Founder of Gebrouwen door Vrouwen.

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PSD2 Explained

Adyen's Product Expert Antoine tells you everything you need to know about the upcoming PSD2 deadline and how you can comply with this regulation. 

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Introducing Only Friends

By taking part in Elevate 2020, our audience helped contribute funds to Only Friends, an amazing charity making sports more accessible for kids with disabilities. Learn more about their incredible work here.

Ingo & Dominique at Elevate

Courage and Community: Being a Positive Force of Change

Explore how to strengthen your business’ approach to sustainability and community with Ingo Uytdehaage, CFO, Adyen, and Dominique Simons, Head of Impact, Adyen.

Talkshow with van Moof and Go Sharing

How to Future-Proof Your Business

From omnichannel to social impact, be ready for whatever’s next with Taco Carlier, Co-Founder of VanMoof, Roelant Prins, CCO Adyen, and Raymon Pouwels, CEO of GO Sharing.

Ingo & Brian @ Elevate - Carbon Offsetting

The Technology of Carbon Offsetting

Learn how to leverage the latest innovations to build a more sustainable business with Adyen’s Brian O'Malley and CFO Ingo Uytdehaage.

Go Sharing at Elevate

GO Sharing: The New Business of Mobility

GO Sharing is pushing the boundaries of city mobility in a fast growing market. Find out what CEO Raymon Pouwels has learnt on the road to success.

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