The Adyen Festive Market

A season for gifts and giving

'Tis the season for embracing generosity and giving back, and we're doing our part with the launch of our first annual Festive Market. This December, we’re partnering with four businesses, and we’ll match every donation made via Adyen Impact to Make-A-Wish® Nederland.


Gifting is more fun than getting

This holiday season, we’re dedicating a space in the heart of Amsterdam for our merchants to showcase their products while experimenting with modern retail. Together with Pivot, Koekemannetje, Boldking, and Nortvi, we’re giving back to Make-A-Wish® Nederland to bring light and joy to children and their loved ones.

Each business will give customers the opportunity to donate directly to Make-A-Wish® Nederlands at checkout via Adyen Impact. To support the cause, Adyen will match all donations and take on all donation transaction costs.

Visit the Festive Market

Shop your holiday gifts at Rokin 21 and make children’s wishes come true.

This year’s merchants

Accelerator 2002 winner

Pivot’s jewelry support individuals facing homeless with employment opportunities.

Koekemannetje fills our cookie jars with Amsterdam's famous, always freshly-baked cookies.

Nortvi takes us around the world with sustainable and resilient travel luggage meant to last for a lifetime.

Boldking designs shaving and skincare essentials that make morning routines easier and more satisfying.

See our technology in action

At the Festive Market we’ll host a combined checkout for all businesses. Visit us and experience payments flows with Pay by Link and Adyen Impact.

Help customers donate at checkout

Get your customers involved in the causes you care about by facilitating donations at checkout.

PIVOT at the Festive Market

PIVOT, Accelerator winner 2022, spoke to us about what the holiday season means for their business and how the Festive Market supports their cause of ending homelessness.

What does the Festive Market mean for PIVOT?

We’ve had a pop-up before, but having a physical store in the heart of Amsterdam during the holidays means a lot to us. We have the opportunity to expose ourselves to the city and its market and the holiday influx of tourism.

We also appreciate that we’re showcased among other more prominent brands, and the exposure you’re offering to a smaller company.

How does the holiday season relate to your cause of ending homelessness?

The invitation to the Adyen Festive Market meant we could run weekly sessions for the last five weeks to prepare all jewelry creations. This meant that although the current training program was completed, this order allowed us to continue working with our most recent cohort of graduate makers.

We’re also seeing positive changes in shopping habits and conscious consumerism. People are interested in buying locally, caring about where their products come from and what difference this makes. We thought people would be buying less, because of the cost of living, especially in the UK. But this doesn’t seem to have happened, our sales have gone up.

"That’s how we grow, when organizations like yourselves pick us up and pull as along or give us a leg up."


What changed in the journey of PIVOT after winning Accelerator 2022?

It’s been a restorative journey for us. We had the chance to zoom out of the day-to-day management and develop relationships with our Adyen mentors.

We came out clearer about what we needed to do as a business, which was doing less. We were trying to run all these different revenue streams, and the Accelerator workshops helped us focus, understand when you need to do things, and how to structure your offerings. We also gave back some of the inspiration with a workshop on jewelry creations to twenty Adyen employees. We made earrings together and created genuine connections.

We’re at the end of 2022, what’s something you’re proud of and what are you excited about looking ahead?

We’re really proud of our team and the new teammates joining us. We’re working hard for the new year as we plan a big push toward wholesale. A first step that we’re excited about is a trade show for designers at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London.

If we can start selling wholesale and quite widely, we can run more training programmes. As a social enterprise, we need to sell, and raise revenue to fund our employment programmes. The more our creations sell, the more people we can support, and the more people we can offer employment opportunities.

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Get your holiday gifts from the Adyen Festive Market and support Make-A-Wish® Nederland.

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Rokin 21, 1012 KK Amsterdam

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