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Crocs consolidates global e-commerce with Adyen and Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Find out how Crocs is growing its global ecommerce payments footprint with our payments platform.

July 9, 2015
 ·  4 minutes
Crocs consolidates global e-commerce with Adyen and Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Founded in 2002, Crocs is a global footwear brand that sold more than 200 million pairs of shoes in more than 100 countries around the world. In 2011, they reached $1 billion in annual sales.

The challenge for global ecommerce

Crocs already established a global ecommerce presence in by consolidating many ecommerce platforms.

As they grew, different platforms became less efficient and cost more expected. 

To make their payments setup easier, they moved their website onto a single platform.

They choseSalesforce Commerce Cloud to develop and manage their ecommerce websites.

Initially the Commerce Cloud implementation rolled out alongside Crocs’ legacy payment processors.

Providers in some markets weren't able to keep up with the innovation they needed.

To deliver a consistent service globally, they needed a payments provider that could:

  • Support both major credit cards and local payment methods.
  • Easily integrate with Commerce Cloud and process payments across all Crocs’ ecommerce markets.
  • Support local languages and currencies, as well as local banking and cash management.

Two solutions and one smooth integration

The solution: Our Salesforce Commerce Cloud LINK cartridge and global platform offers a LINK cartridge plug-in for Commerce Cloud, which provides a smooth integration between the two solutions.

Crocs opened an account with us, installed the cartridge, and customized the integration.

Our platform provides a single global ecommerce solution that supports all popular payment methods globally.

This means that Crocs can deliver a better shopper experience by supporting local payment methods in any market around the world.

In Europe, Crocs now partners with us to support key local payment methods such as iDEAL, Giropay, SOFORT, Mister Cash, and Finnish eBanking.

In Asia, we help Crocs support JCB in Japan and real-time bank transfers via Inicis in Korea.

And across Europe, Australia, and Singapore, with us Crocs also offers PayPal.

They also use our risk managementsystem to recognize loyal shoppers and reduce fraud.

“As experts in the payment processing field, Adyen understands risks in our markets and captures data from customers.

"The Adyen team owns that level of responsibility for us, really helping us manage our business and be successful. We depend on Adyen to manage fraud risks,” said Harvey Bierman, Vice President of Global ecommerce Technology and Operations at Crocs, Inc..

Streamlined operations and increased authorizations

The consolidation of its global payments operations reduced costs and workload. This helped free time for internal resources so they could focus on other goals.

By supporting local payment methods and using in-depth data, Crocs increased authorization rates across global markets outside of the US and Canada.

Commenting on the relationship, Bierman said: “Adyen has become instrumental for Crocs in its international ecommerce expansion, and has become a trusted partner with a strong understanding of payment methods and a commitment to Crocs’ success.”

Find out more in the video below.

[Demandware, mentioned in the video, is now: Salesforce Commerce Cloud]

Video transcription

Harvey Bierman, Vice President of Global ecommerce Technology and Operations at Crocs, Inc.:

Crocs has always been a global business. We have about 90 countries that we do business in. And as we entered most mature markets, we also had an ecommerce strategy. 


One of the biggest challenges we had with that global platform decision, was how to manage payments across the world. 

We weren't able to support payment methods in Holland for things like iDEAL, or bank transfers in Germany, or cash on delivery in Japan.

And really need to find another solution that allowed to support all these different payment methods, no matter what market we wanted to do business in.

Since our time and partnership with Adyen, we've seen them add payment processors and methods for Korea, PayPal support for Australia. And more methods that are unique to each of the countries that we're in. 


Implementing Adyen is a pretty simple process. We integrated it using the LINK cartridge into our Demandware environment. And that's pretty simple and straightforward. 

What's really great about Adyen is around that relationship is we're able to really mitigate our fraud risks around the world. And we really, I don't want to say offload that to Adyen, but really depend on Adyen to help manage that for us. 

And it really creates a lot of comfort in our mind as experts in the payment processing field - understanding those risks in those markets and capturing the data from those customers, and taking that level of responsibility from us really helps us manage our business and be successful. 


Clearly there's something on the backend of Adyen that's unique from a technology standpoint. Adyen's ability to integrate new payment methods quickly and agily. Adyen’s understanding of the global payment in that world, especially the ecommerce space. 

Their desire to differentiate and support all those new and emerging payment methods really creates a standout situation for Adyen.

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