VTEX Integration

Scalable cloud solution for your ecommerce store

Your business needs to provide customers with local payment methods, no matter where they are. Adyen’s VTEX integration gives you all the tools you need to grow and expand into the worldwide marketplace seamlessly with the addition of integrated and centralized payment methods.

  • Seamless integration
  • One-click payments
  • Optimized cancel and refund
  • Immediate transaction processing
  • PCI Compliance
  • All your payments, in one dashboard

Manage multiple store views

Enjoy a unified vision of your business and the complete payment flow, with maximum transparency, in a single dashboard.

Simple mobile experience

Give customers the best mobile checkout experience possible with the option to safely pay in a single click.

Manage refunds efficiently

Adyen automates and streamlines your internal process for full and partial refunds through a quick integration or you can manage your refunds directly on our platform.

Functionality and ease of integration

Visit the VTEX tutorial page on how to set the communication with the Adyen platform and get immediate access to our advanced tools.

What can you do with Adyen's VTEX integration?

  • Full control of your checkout without the burden of PCI Compliance.
  • Direct connection to card schemes and the world's most preferred payment methods.
  • Support subscription and recurring payments. 
  • Control when a payment is captured.
  • Submit order modification to capture, refund or cancel a payment.
  • Manually review high-risk transactions before they are captured.

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