Salesforce Commerce Cloud payments cartridge

Accelerate your speed-to-market with one simple integration


Roll-out across markets quickly, and manage multiple storefronts in a single platform with Adyen's LINK cartridge for Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware). We are a certified technology partner, guaranteeing a seamless integration into your storefront. And our dedicated support team is on-hand to ensure the whole process runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Salesforce Technology Partner of the Year
  • Single view of all storefronts
  • Direct access to dedicated support team
  • Fully compatible with JS Controllers

Awarded Technology Partner of the Year at The Commerce Cloud Partner of the Year Awards 2017 for the largest percentage of Commerce Cloud client growth, while maintaining a high quality LINK cartridge and a strong level of engagement within the Commerce Cloud community.

Multiple storefronts, one view

Manage all storefronts in a single account, while customizing currencies on a per-storefront basis. This ensures a localized experience in each market, while maintaining a centralized view of your payments.

Dedicated integration support

Our in-house team is available to ensure a quick and easy integration, and to offer guidance and advice. Check out our detailed documentation for quick set-up guides and FAQs.

Automatic access to the latest releases

Adyen's platform is cloud-based, so updates are automatically rolled out across storefronts, giving shoppers quick access to payment experiences like Apple Pay - which has been natively integrated.

Ongoing improvement

Adyen is part of a large network of integrators and development agencies, with whom we collaborate, share best practices, and ensure ongoing improvements to benefit all businesses on Commerce Cloud. 

So what can you do with Adyen's LINK cartridge?

  • Retain full control of your checkout without the burden of PCI compliance.
  • Automatically display a targeted mix of payment methods for each market.
  • Support Apple Pay from directly inside Commerce Cloud
  • Automate refund and chargeback handling with built-in risk management system
  • Block fraud and drive conversions with AVS and Dynamic 3D Secure
  • Bring your entire inventory in-store with endless aisles

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