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Give customers the right payment methods and expand into any market with one quick integration.

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Grow faster
with Adyen

  • Accept all major global and local payment methods
  • Accept payments from point of sale devices for in-store payments
  • Initiate backend orders (MOTO) with the option to use already stored payment methods
  • Compatible with Magento 1.8+ and Magento 2
  • Developed in-house and direct access to dedicated support

Start selling within a week

Follow these steps to start accepting payments in your webshop, app or store with the Magento Plugin. To make the application as easy as possible, our support team is here to help at any step of the journey.

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Create your account - 5 minutes

Create your account in just a few steps. It’s easy as there’s no technical implementation at this stage.

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Apply for live account - 1 day

After we review your application, you’ll need to sign a contract so that you can go live.

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Integrate, configure and go live - 3 days

Test your integration and you’re ready to go live and accept payments on your platform.

One plugin, many features

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Retain full control of your checkout without the burden of PCI compliance.

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Display a targeted mix of payment methods for each market.

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Manually review high-risk transactions before they are captured.

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Start accepting subscription and recurring payments.

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Control when a payment is captured in the process.

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Submit order modifications to capture, refund or cancel a payment.

Developers, this is for you

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Adyen documentation

Detailed documentation, and a quick start guide.

View docs for Magento 1 ›

View docs for Magento 2 ›


Adyen for Magento on Github

Information about Adyen's dedicated plugin for Magento 1.8+ and Magento 2, including support for subscription payments.

View Adyen for Magento 1 ›

View Adyen for Magento 2 ›

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