Local payment methods in North America

Part 3 of the global payment methods guide created by Adyen to help businesses expand globally.

North America

North America (the US, Canada and Bermuda) is home to over 357 million people with a total GDP of 19.6 trillion USD. There are currently 223 million people shopping online, with 30 million more new users expected by 2021.


Canada is a heavy credit card market.  It is also the global leader in cross-border ecommerce for retail, with cross-border purchases accounting for 75% of all online transactions.

While credit cards are the most used payment methods for ecommerce, Canada’s local debit network, Interac, is a must have for in-store merchants.

Popular payment methods in Canada

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In addition to Interac debit for in-store transactions, Adyen also supports Interac Online Payments for online banking, Interac in-app for use of Canadian debit cards over Apple Pay and Google Pay, and also WeChat and AliPay for both ecommerce and in-store transactions.

United States

As the largest and best developed ecommerce market in the world, the US represents a huge opportunity.

It has a relatively straightforward payments environment, dominated by cards. It’s home to many major international card schemes (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Diners) and so full market penetration can be realized through card acquiring alone. Adyen offers local acquiring in the US.

Popular payment methods in the US

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Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay have been generating a lot of attention, particularly around mobile payments at the point of sale. Adyen offers a full service Apple Pay and Google Pay solution, including reconciliation, reporting and settlement services.

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