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Provide access to the capital your users need to grow

Give users on your platform access to fast and flexible cash advances.

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Your platform, your brand

Fully embed user-friendly business financing directly into your platform. 

Be a valued partner 

Build lasting relationships by filling the funding gap for your users. 

Share in the revenue

Receive earnings from capital advances at no cost. We absorb the credit risk.

Cash advances in one seamless experience 

Help your platform users reach their ambitions by giving them access to business financing when they need it. All embedded in your platform.

Proactive risk assessments

Show cash advance offers based on historic payments data, not personal credit scores, to avoid awkward rejections.

Distribute funds within minutes

We handle every step from offer to transferring the funds, allowing you to provide capital to users in minutes.

Automated repayments

Repayments are automatically collected from incoming payments. Your users pay a fixed fee instead of interest.

Make business financing accessible to your users

Help your users get funds directly within your platform, allowing them to manage cash flows, scale operations, or invest in the tools they need to thrive.

Offer branded business financing thanks to our fully customizable solution

Automatically scale with us as our coverage grows globally

Get Capital up and running quickly by integrating our easy API solution

Reduce risk by leveraging our regulatory expertise and credit risk absorption

Create valuable relationships with users by proactively offering business financing

No delays, redirects, and third-party dependencies with our single platform

Get started with one simple integration 

Start with an end-to-end business financing solution engineered for launching a fully branded experience fast.

Simple integration

Integrate Capital into your platform with just two core API endpoints. Fully customize the UX to give users a branded experience.

Single finance provider

Our proprietary banking infrastructure cuts transfer times and gives instant access to cash in the US and European markets.

Earn revenue

Receive Capital earnings by default and allow users to grow their business on your platform with an improved cash flow.

We own compliance

Capital is based on our global expertise and regulatory licenses, so you can help users grow without absorbing the risk.

What embedded business financing means for your business model

Discover how Capital can help your platform users grow.

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A full banking suite on one platform

Give your users access to business financing using the same infrastructure you use to accept and process payments. Our financial technology platform gives you the flexibility to add solutions that work for your business. 

Capital + Payments

Identify users and proactively offer business financing using payment and KYC data. Repayments are automatically collected from actual sales.

Capital + Accounts

Allow users to access their funds quickly on a bank account embedded in your platform. Our banking infrastructure increases speed and efficiency. 

Capital + Issuing

Give users the ability to immediately spend their cash advance with a virtual or physical platform branded card. Add spend controls if necessary.

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¹Capital is currently only available for selected platforms in Europe, the UK and the US.
²Except if explicitly stated otherwise, Adyen N.V., not the platform, provides the capital. 
³Funding is generally available within minutes on the Adyen platform.

Frequently asked questions

There are four main differences between business financing through Adyen Capital and traditional bank loans. Because Adyen Capital is built on our proprietary banking infrastructure, you’re able to offer business financing through Adyen Capital in a matter of days, or even minutes, with minimal paperwork.

Funding based on payments data 
The first difference between Adyen Capital and a traditional bank loan is the basis on which business financing is granted. We base our funding offers on historic payments data of users on your platform. Since we process these payments as part of Adyen for Platforms, we have access to this data already. Your users don’t have to jump through any hoops such as submitting personal credit scores or write long motivations to get access to funds.

Basing cash advances on historic payments data has another major benefit. We can proactively offer business financing to users who qualify, reducing the need to reject funding requests to close to zero.

Speedy approval and pay-out
Our business funding offers are calculated in advance thanks to our proactive risk assessment and usage of historic payment data. That speeds up the approval process to a matter of minutes, since we strive to never offer more than a user can afford. It’s also why awkward rejections of funding requests become (almost) non-existent. 

Because Adyen Capital is built on our proprietary banking infrastructure, there’s practically no delay between request, approval, and pay-out. Since we don’t have to rely on banks for the funds or accounts, the pay-out to the associated account can take place in minutes.

The best part for your platform? Adyen absorbs the credit risk for each cash advance, so even if a seller defaults it will cost your platform nothing more than lost business. 

No interest rates
Interest rates on bank loans can create surprises for their recipients, especially if they’re variable. That’s why we charge a flat fee on Adyen Capital. End-users know exactly what they get and what they need to pay when they view their personalized business financing offer.

Your platform automatically shares in the revenue for repaid cash advances. If you want to learn more about how this works, request an invite to Capital. We’ll always keep you updated on product optimizations and new jurisdictions.

Automated repayments
Repayments are automated completely by tying them to incoming payment volume. Users on your platform repay more on a good day and less on a bad day, so they don't have to worry about repayments negatively influencing their cash flow. 

There are multiple major benefits for platforms and marketplaces to offer Adyen Capital to their sellers. 

Help users grow with access to capital
By making business financing accessible to SMBs on your platforms, you provide your customers with a crucial service that helps them manage their cash flow when they need it most. Whether your users need to invest in inventory, replace broken equipment, or simply require growth capital, by embedding Adyen Capital into your platform you can help your users grow their business with quick access to funds. 

Increase stickiness by offering Banking as a Service
Another benefit to your platform is increasing customer loyalty by stepping in where traditional banks fail. Thanks to our proactive risk assessment, your users don’t have to go through lengthy and complicated application procedures. Capital is based on real payments data that run through Adyen for Platforms, so each funding offer is customized to the user.

Low cost and risk
Embedding Adyen Capital into your platform is easy and fast thanks to our API solution. The only investment on the side of your platform is building a fully branded business financing experience. We absorb the credit risk, and our proprietary banking infrastructure and financial licenses make sure your offering is compliant in all the regions it’s offered. Your users pay a fixed fee per cash advance at no cost to you.

Unlock new revenue streams
Helping your users grow helps your platform grow. By solving potentially debilitating cash flow issues, you can help your users do business. We also share a part of the revenue of repaid cash advances with your platform.

Access to business financing for SMBs is often more work than it’s worth. The lengthy and complicated procedure of asking a traditional bank for a loan can take months and the loan is often affected by personal credit scores.

By embedding Adyen Capital into your platform, you give your users access to fast capital at a fixed fee. Repaying is easy through our automated repayments. Whether your user needs to invest in inventory, replace broken equipment, or simply require growth capital, by embedding Adyen Capital into your platform you can help your users grow their business with access to funds.

In order to create customized business financing offers through proactive risk assessment, we use historic payments data. If you’re a customer of Adyen for Platforms, we already have the payments data of your users. 

As soon as users of your platform have accrued enough payments data, our models identify which ones qualify for business financing. How much we offer is directly based on their payments volume. This allows us to reduce awkward rejections to nearly zero. It also eradicates the need for personal credit scores to determine the cash advance.

We absorb the credit risk for each cash advance. So even if your user can’t pay back the advance due to unforeseen circumstances, there’s no risk to your finances.

Because we use historic payment data for our proactive risk assessments, you need to be an Adyen for Platforms user in order to offer Adyen Capital. Capital works in conjunction with our other embedded financial products, so you can provide your users with everything they need when they need it.

Capital is currently available to selected platforms in the US, UK, and Europe only. If you want to learn more about Capital and show your interest, you can request an invite here.

There is no interest rate on a cash advance with Adyen Capital. To avoid variable costs, business financing through Adyen Capital is provided for a fixed fee.

Adyen Capital has flexible repayment terms. Repayments are automatically settled with incoming payments by taking the inflow of payments into account to make sure there’s a limited burden on the cash flow of users on your platform. The estimated repayment term is always communicated with the business financing offer presented to the user of your platform, so they know what to expect.

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