Easily connect retail stores to ecommerce

All your stores and ecommerce platform can now connect to all warehouses, to allow in store purchases of ecommerce stock.


Grow faster

Sitoo’s cloud-based retail management system is the simple connection between your retail store and ecommerce stock. With Sitoo’s software, you can connect to all your warehouses to sales channels and easily let your customers order from your ecommerce stock online.

  • Effortless connection between digital and physical channels
  • Offer the latest and best ways to pay in your stores
  • Available in Europe, the US and Australia

Seamless POS payments

Give customers a personalized experience with a POS, iPhone and iPad app.

Convenient self-checkout

Reduce the need for staffed registers and let sales personnel focus on helping customers in store.

Popular payment methods

Offer all popular payment methods so customers can pay they way they know and trust.

“Adyen and Sitoo have made it easy for Nudie to open up stores across the world and connect our physical retail with ecommerce”

Finn Stenberg, CCO, Nudie Jeans

Get started

The solution is seamlessly integrated with our payments platform. To get started, integrate with Sitoo’s API and select Adyen as the payments provider in the Customer Area. Follow these simple steps to get started:


Sign up for an account with Adyen


Sign up for an account with Sitoo


Integrate your store using Sitoos API


Select Adyen as your payments partner in the back office


Order your terminals


Fill in the information from the Customer Area

Create a better buying experience

So long to long waits. mPOS lets customers checkout anywhere in the store

With self-checkout, staff can focus on customer service

No more wasted visits. Easily order from the online stock in-store

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