Klarna payment method

Offering Klarna on your webshop is a smooth way to boost sales, increase your average order value, and extend your customer reach. As of today, Klarna has a large customer base worldwide, who buy more and shop online more often, with 1 million daily transactions.

  • Give shoppers flexible payment options while you always get paid upfront and in full
  • Safe and secure payment method for physical products with 100% risk-free guarantee (as long as the merchant comply with Klara's schemes rules)
  • Attract frequent shoppers, increase your average order value and items per basket
  • More than 90 million customers worldwide

Klarna solutions

Klarna offers three ways for the consumer to pay to their network of merchants, on both ecommerce and POS:

Pay Later

The option to pay in either 14, 21, or 30 days offers shoppers the ability to try before they buy, with no interest or added fees.

Once the order is shipped, Klarna pays retailers upfront while your customers benefit from an extra up to 30 days to pay.

Pay Now

Shoppers can pay immediately by secure bank transfer. Klarna recognizes the shopper after their first payment with this option, their details saved for future purchases.

This option is guaranteed; in case of non-payment Klarna takes on the risk for the merchant.

Pay Over Time

‘Pay over Time’ (the option to spread costs over 6-36 months).

With Pay in 3/4, shoppers can use either debit or credit card to complete their purchase. Accordingly, the installments will be charged to the preferred card, making online shopping more convenient for your customers.

With Pay over Time, the shopper completes a simple, real-time credit application with an instant decision.

Accept Klarna with Adyen

Adyen offers a full service Klarna solution, including reconciliation, reporting and settlement services.

Mercato US, UK, AU, DE, AT, CH, ES, IT, BE, NL, DK, SE, NO, FI, FR
Valuta del versamento


Canale E-commerce
Valute supportate USD, GBP, AUD, EUR, CHF, DKK, SEK, NOK
Transazioni ricorrenti Yes
Rimborsi Yes
Rimborsi parziali Yes
Rimborsi parziali multipli Yes
Acquisizioni parziali multiple Yes
3D Secure No
Pagamenti No
Ritardo nei versamenti 4 days
Riaccrediti No (guaranteed payment method as long as the merchant complies with the Klarna scheme rules)


Applichiamo una tassa di elaborazione + tassa per il metodo di pagamento per ogni transazione.

La commissione per transazione, può variare a seconda della regione.


  Country Processing fee Payment method fee
Klarna Pay over time US $ 0,12 4.29% + $0.30
  AU $ 0,12 4.29% + $0.30
  AT, DE € 0,10 2.99% + €0.20
  UK € 0,10 4,99% + £0,2
  ES, IT, FR € 0,10 3.99% + €0.20
  DK, FI, NO, SE € 0,10 0.99% + €0,59
Klarna Pay Later AT, BE, CH, DE, NL, US € 0,10 2.99% + €0.35 - €1.00
  UK £ 0,10 2.90% + £0.20
  DK, FI, NO, SE € 0,10 2.79% + €0.59
Klarna Pay Now SE € 0,10 1.35% + 2.00 SEK
  CH € 0,10 1.35% + CHF 0.20
  AT, DE, NL € 0,10 1.35% + €0.20

La piattaforma Adyen supporta tutti i principali metodi di pagamento a livello globale.

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