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At what exchange are Adyen’s shares traded and what is the symbol?

Adyen’s shares are traded under the symbol “ADYEN” on Euronext Amsterdam, under ISIN Code: NL0012969182.

How can I purchase Adyen shares?

You can buy shares through licensed brokerage firms.

What was the size of the offering in June 2018?

The total number of shares sold in the offering was 3,945,362, representing approximately 13.4% of the issued and outstanding share capital (29,445,458 ordinary shares) at the time of the offering.

What was the size of the post-IPO placement in September 2018?

The total number of shares sold in the post-IPO placement was 2,462,686 shares, representing approximately 8.3% of the issued and outstanding share capital at the time of the placement, bringing the total free float to approximately 22%. Shares were sold by pre-IPO shareholders, management chose not to participate. Pre-IPO shareholders (including management) held approximately 78% post placement.

What are the voting rights for Adyen’s shares?

Each share carries the right to cast one vote.

Does Adyen pay a dividend on its shares?

Adyen intends to retain any profits to expand the growth and development of Adyen's business and, therefore, does not anticipate paying dividends to its shareholders in the foreseeable future.

What is your current free float?

Approximately 38%.

What are the current lock-up restrictions?

As outlined in the prospectus, the New Shareholders' Agreement became effective on the date immediately preceding the first trading date and will govern the relationship between the company and all shareholders that will hold more than 2.5% of the shares immediately following completion of the offering. 

Three parties (Mabel van Oranje, KDP Projects and Felicis ventures), are no longer subject to any lock-up as they are not part of the New Shareholders’ agreement. Their holding constitutes approximately 4% of total outstanding shares post sell-down. Consequently, the current free float amounts to approximately 38%. The New Shareholders' Agreement expires 12 months after the Settlement Date, i.e. June 2019. Please refer to the prospectus for details on the the lock-up arrangements of the New Shareholders agreement.

How do I contact Investor Relations or receive future notifications?

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