Payments for gamers around the world

  • Give gamers the payment methods they know and trust
  • Make subscription and recurring payments easy and flexible
  • Fast and secure checkouts that don’t disrupt the gaming experience
  • Increase revenue using advanced optimization tools

It’s all about the experience

Whether you’re a pay-to-play, subscription or download-to-own gaming business, your customers expect an uninterrupted gaming experience. With Adyen, you’ll reach more customers than ever before, increase conversions and provide a frictionless payment experience that everyone can enjoy. You’ll easily turn freemium users into long-term customers, get the most out of your customer data, and take your gaming experience to an unbeatable level.

Reach gamers everywhere

Gamers expect to see their preferred payment method at the checkout. By offering popular local payment methods like WeChat Pay and Alipay, Qiwi and Yandex, you’ll expand into key gaming markets like Russia, China and many more.

You’ll also give young gamers without a bank account the ability to pay by supporting cash-based methods.

To increase your conversions in each market, our dedicated local payment experts work closely with you to make sure you’re supporting the right mix of payment methods, and get the best rates through our global acquiring network.

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Combat card testing fraud

Card testing fraud is on the rise. And the low-value, high-frequency nature of gaming makes it an ideal target, leading to a drain on resources and ultimately your revenue. By using smart behavioral tracking, device fingerprinting and velocity checks, you’ll identify and block card testers in no time.

Whether it’s ‘friendly fraud’, or BIN attacks, chargebacks are a big pain for your gaming business. With Automated Chargeback Defence, Adyen defends against 25% of your chargebacks without you having to lift a finger.

And, you’ll safeguard your payments without impacting conversions with Dynamic 3D Secure, which is 2.0 ready.

Learn more about Adyen’s built-in risk management solution RevenueProtect >

Optimize your card approval rates

Take your card approval rates to the next level with in-depth data insights that help you track performance on a per-transaction level. 

You’ll get total visibility and control through connections directly to card schemes in key markets around the world. Automatically retry transactions that failed due to third party errors. And adjust the route of each transaction based on real-time data.

Learn more about Adyen’s payment optimization suite RevenueAccelerate >


Sign-up and keep new gamers

Make the transition from freemium to premium a breeze. Validate new cards quickly with Dynamic Card Validation, which automatically submits a $0 or $1 auth request, based on specific bank preferences.

Once your gamers have subscribed, you’ll reduce involuntary churn by automatically updating lost or expired cards. Gamers can continue to play uninterrupted by failed payments as Adyen’s Account Updater connects you to Visa and Mastercard Account Updating services.


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