Building a future in which people live in harmony with nature

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WWF is the leading conservation organization in the world, with a global network active in over 100 countries. With a mission to build a future in which people can live in harmony with nature, it promotes the realization of a sustainable society. In particular, WWF is working to restore the world’s rich biodiversity and realize a carbon-free society to prevent global warming.

Humanity is facing a double emergency of climate change and nature loss. At WWF, we work to restore and protect nature which is essentially our life line and a critical ally in helping us tackle climate change. However, we cannot do this work alone. The Adyen Earth Month Giving campaign provides a simple yet impactful way for everyone to contribute towards the health of our planet.

David Bloch Director, Global Corporate Engagement
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Your donation in Action

One million species are now threatened with extinction and global wildlife populations have declined by a staggering 69% since 1970. In order to reverse the loss of nature, your donations will go toward: - Safeguarding the natural world - the oceans, forests and freshwater underpinning all life - Protecting iconic species - Stopping and reversing the impacts of climate change

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