Start your journey with Adyen

Five easy steps to get you started

Start your journey with Adyen (steps)
Contact sales

1. Contact Sales

We are happy you’re here! Get in touch with us and together we’ll help you grow your business with our payments technology.


2. Create test account

Once approved you can explore our platform functionalities and make your first test payment. 

Here we make a split between business and tech. If you are involved in the application or contract, follow the business steps. If you are involved in the integration, go to the tech steps.


3. Apply for a live account

In our test environment, you can apply for a live account by going to Home > Fill out application. Tell us more about your company,, stores and/or website and send your request to start processing payments with Adyen.




4. Integrate

Start integrating with our seamless checkout for your customers. Please check our developer documentation and start customizing your payments setup.


5. Sign contract and go live

Sign one contract and start accepting payment worldwide with all popular local payment methods.

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