Mada payment method

Mada is the dominant card card-based payment method in Saudi Arabia. All debit cards issues are mandated to be branded with this local brand. 66% of all those debit cards are cobadged with international brands, VISA and Mastercard, mostly for international use. 

Mada is the most common ecommerce payment method in Saudi Arabia. The government is encouraging its use and has made it  mandatory when processing locally. Mada can also be used over Apple Pay.

  • Dominant on ecommerce channels in Saudi Arabia
  • Backed up by the government
  • All debit cards issues are branded with Mada
  • Direct volume uplift since 85% of issues cards will be accessible when offering this payment method
  • Apple Pay soon supported 

Accept Mada with Adyen

Adyen offers a full service solution, including reconciliation, reporting and settlement services.


Middle East: Saudi Arabia

Moneda de liquidación

SAR or any supported currency (FX applicable)

Canal Ecommerce
Monedas de procesamiento SAR
Transacciones recurrentes No
Devoluciones Yes
Reembolsos parciales Yes
Reembolsos parciales múltiples Yes
Capturas parciales múltiples Yes
3D Secure Yes (mandated in all transactions via redirection to issuer page)
Desembolsos Yes
Retraso de liquidación 3-5 days
Devoluciones No


En cada transacción cobramos una comisión de procesamiento y otra de método de pago​.

Different commissions apply depending on the payment method.

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