Adyen Retail Report ~ Customer survey

Consumer sentiment since the start of the pandemic 

65% ~ I prefer to pay using card-based methods instead of cash

41% ~ I used to prefer cash I’ve switched to card / contactless methods

71% ~ I won’t shop with businesses with bad in store or online experiences

25% ~ I previously resisted shopping online but was forced to adopt it

42% ~ I get frustrated with loyalty cards filling up my wallet

63% ~ I’m more likely to choose a retailer with payment-linked loyalty

55% ~ I’m looking forward to shopping in store for pleasure again

73% ~ I’ll keep supporting retailers I relied on during the pandemic

36% ~ I’m going to shop more online than I did before the pandemic

59% ~ I’ll go out of my way to shop with socially responsible retailers

63% ~ I’ll shop more with local retailers as I want them to stay open

54% ~ I’ll be more loyal to a retailer that lets me buy online and return in store

60% ~ I’ll be more loyal to a retailer if out-of-stock items can be shipped home

52% ~ Store layout is important and should be curated more like a gallery

43% ~ I feel more loyal to local brands even when shopping online

62% ~ I go out of my way to visit retailers that make shopping easy

48% ~ I prefer retailers to deliver a tailored shopping experience

We surveyed 25,157 consumers from across Europe, the Americas, and Asia Pacific. What’s clear across all markets is that experience is a critical decision-driver.

Each square represents all the question's respondents. The inner rectangles are scaled according the distribution across the possible answers.

All respondents

Strongly Agree / Yes


Neither agree nor disagree / Don’t know


Strongly Disagree / No

62% ~ My expectations have increased as retailers have proved they can adapt

73% ~ Retailers should continue to sell across multiple channels

73% ~ Retailers that sold online during the pandemic should continue

51% ~ I want retailers to use tech to reduce physical contact

62% ~ A retailer’s ethics is more important now

54% ~ I worry about the hygiene of payment terminals and prefer contactless

66% ~ I won’t shop with a retailer whose website is difficult to navigate

72% ~ When shopping online, ease is as important as product

47% ~ I would like to pay in store via an app

51% ~ I want retailers to use technology to improve the experience

65% ~ I avoid shopping for non-essential items in store now

83% ~ I’ve avoided bars and cafes during the pandemic

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