Unlock your hotel’s Hidden Star

Seamless. Smart. Delightful. Yes, we’re talking about payments.

For many, payments is just another step, another system to integrate, and an added area to manage. But it doesn’t need to be. When set up right, payments can remove complexity by connecting the dots of your guests’ stay.

It's like unlocking an invisible competitive edge.
Think of it as your hotel’s Hidden Star. 

Every payment is an insight, delivering new opportunities for your hotel. 

“With innovative and flexible solutions, Adyen stood out to us as a preferred strategic partner to meet our vision. Collaborating with Adyen has successfully allowed us to deliver a promise that is secure and contactless while enhancing our offerings as a lifestyle destination where guests can stay, dine, shop, celebrate and relax as they create treasured memories, without interruptions.”

Chadi Chemaly ・ Hotel Manager, Raffles Hotel Singapore

Discover how to unlock your hotel’s hidden star

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