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Accept Android Pay in the UK with Adyen

Following its launch in the UK in September, Android Pay will soon be available in one of the world's most mobile markets – the UK

Myles Dawson  ·  UK Country Manager, Adyen
23 March, 2016
 ·  2 minutes
Accept Android Pay in the UK with Adyen

As a launch partner of Google Pay in the US and now in the UK, we’re excited to partner with merchants including Showroomprive, Takeaway, and Vueling to be among the first businesses outside the US to support the payment method.

A market leading the way in mobile payments

The UK leads the world in terms of key mobile commerce metrics.

Currently, almost 50% of ecommerce transactions on the Adyen payments platform in the UK are already made on a mobile device, according to our Mobile Payments Index.

Over three quarters of adults own a smartphone, and Android has a 54% market share in the market (Source: Kantar World Panel, July 2015).

Advantages of Android Pay

As a simple, securepayment method, Android Pay enables shoppers to pay with just a tap at the point of sale or a single click for returning in-app purchases, without having to enter payment and delivery information. This means less friction, lower cart abandonment, and a better buying experience.

Once Android Pay is launched, shoppers can download the app on all relevant Android devices and add their preferred debit or credit cards, meaning a significant user base potential in both markets from day one.

A sample shopper flow is shown below:

Shopper payment flow

  1. Select Buy with Android Pay
  2. Select card, shipping and billing address, and contact information
  3. Review and confirm order 

Accept Android Pay with Adyen

With a large user base that is already leading the way in terms of mobile payment adoption, the launch of Android Pay has the potential to accelerate the growth of mobile commerce. 

By accepting Android Pay with Adyen, UK merchants are able to offer convenient in-app card payments to all valid Android users in the market, across online and at the point of sale, with one payments solution.

Adyen merchants can support Android Pay in-app through a single integration, and businesses that have contactless-enabled point of sale terminals with Adyen can automatically accept Android Pay.

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