The Tower Bridge in London, United Kingdom
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Payment methods in the United Kingdom

The entrepreneurially-minded Brits have one of the most diverse economies in Europe, and from forward-thinking fashion startups to heritage brands, UK shoppers are buying online and on mobile. Debit cards are more widely common than elsewhere in Europe, with the average shopper holding between 2-3 cards per person. 90% of the population are Visa or Mastercard cardholders, and cards account for approximately 90% of all online payments. Brits have traditionally held a liberal view to credit, from the pre-internet days of mail order goods, while credit card payments continue to be popular. Today ‘buy now, pay later’ options for e-commerce are also hugely popular. Digital wallets are another popular option, with Apple Pay and Google Pay ™ virtually ubiquitous across the UK. As Britain leaves the European Union, merchants have lots of questions pertaining how it affects payments. We created a page for you to learn more.



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