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Tinyme going global with Adyen’s scalable payment solution

The popular children’s personalization brand chose Adyen to fast track its entry into new global markets, thanks to the ease of integration Adyen offers, multiple payments options and level of security it provides.

26 September, 2019
 ·  3 minutes
Tinyme going global with Adyen

Tinyme is one of Australia’s favorite brands for personalized children’s gear, including bags, books and stickers, as well as a host of other items. It has launched around the world and has a growing cohort of customers in the UK, US and, most recently, Singapore. Its partnership with payments platform Adyen is one of the reasons it has been able to quickly scale its business globally.

Adyen manages Tinyme’s full payments requirements, from its gateway, through to risk management and acquiring, right across UK, US and Singapore.

“Although Tinyme is growing its global footprint, thanks to Adyen we have not needed to invest in a large project team to manage our payments requirements as we have entered new regions,” says Ben Hare, Tinyme’s Chief Operating Officer.

"Tinyme views Adyen as a strategic partner as it extends its global expansion."

Critically, no matter where the business expands to, or the number of payment options it provides, Tinyme only needs to sign a single contract with Adyen. This is in contrast, to other providers where multiple contracts are required for new countries and payment methods.

“When assessing options for a new partner, Tinyme wanted a payments platform like Adyen that effortlessly plugs into our ecommerce platform, to ensure the integration process was as smooth as possible,” explains Ben.

“We also wanted a payments partner that could deliver tokenization – the ability to replace customers’ credit card details with an encrypted token. This means there's no requirement for us to store sensitive card data in-house,” he says.


Tokenization has also helped enable one-click payments meaning that customers don’t need to re-enter their payment information each time they make a purchase and results in faster, frictionless transactions.

“Additionally, Adyen’s ability to add new payments options when we require them helps to futureproof the business. We recently added Apple Pay and it now accounts for about 5% of payments on our US website,” he says.

Ben says Adyen’s local acquiring licences mean Tinyme avoids cross-border payment fees. “The payment gateway has been very reliable and Adyen’s superior PCI compliance processes has also provided benefits.” One platform also means Tinyme can access reports on payments information on the individual countries in which it operates in one place.

Ben explains the relationship with Adyen. “Tinyme views Adyen as a strategic partner as it extends its global expansion. When we launched in Singapore we were able to quickly glean key insights thanks to Adyen’s experience on the major payment methods used in this market andinterchange fees. Payment methods are very different around the world and being able to understand how they operate in a new market helps support our success.”

Tinyme continues to look at expanding into other markets and adding other payment methods such as Alipay. “It’s good to know Adyen will be able to support this as we continue to grow and develop,” he says.

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