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Streamline point of sale payments

Optimizing your point of sale checkout is a mix of art and science. Learn how to boost your in-store sales by eliminating checkout lines, making international shoppers feel at home, and delivering personalised shopping experiences with data-rich payments insights.

18 February, 2021
 ·  7 minutes
Person shopping in store

Just like your online checkout, the point of sale checkout is the narrowest part of your sales funnel. Your customer is in your store with their desired product in hand. Don't waste all your hard work by losing them now.

Let them skip the line

Few things are more off-putting or stressful than a long checkout line. According to our research, 45% of Australian consumers prefer shopping online to avoid queues.

Eliminate checkout lines with mobile point of sale (mPOS) terminals. These make it possible to take a payment from anywhere in the store. You can even skip this step entirely, letting shoppers scan QR codes and checkout in app.

Customer skipping line

Give them access to your online stock

Issues with products going out of stock can be frustrating for both your business and customers. But this can be changed with endless aisles, in-store kiosks or tablets where customers can browse and order items online. This is supported by research – 63% of Australian consumers are more loyal to businesses that enable them to order out-of-stock items in physical stores, and getting them delivered to their homes.

Welcome international shoppers with local cards

Make international shoppers feel at home by letting them pay how they want to, with payment methods they are used to, for the best point of sale experience. For instance, if you get a lot of Chinese shoppers in your store, be sure to support Alipay, UnionPay, and WeChat Pay.

Make it personal

Almost half of Australian consumers (43%) are looking for more tailored shopping experiences. They want retailers to remember their preferences and previous shopping behaviours to create experiences personalised to them. The key here is to surprise and delight your shoppers without intruding on their privacy.

Here are some examples of personalisation that shoppers are looking for:

Link loyalty to the shopper credit card

63% of Australian shoppers are more likely to shop with a retailer that links loyalty to their payment card. Doing so allows you to apply loyalty to all sales channels, enabling your shoppers do enjoy loyalty points or rewards without an additional card. This helps prevent any friction during the checkout process and saves you money as well.

Be contextual

62% of Australian shoppers would like to see more tailored discounts and coupons at the retailers they shop most regularly at.

Anticipate shopper needs

Use shopper trend data to prepare your stores for regular shoppers.

Be relevant

Greet online shoppers with a targeted selection of items based on their previous purchases.

Streamline your point of sale payments with Adyen

Make unified commerce easy with Adyen and connect your online and point of sale payments in one platform, creating seamless and frictionless shopping journeys and point of sale experiences. With one partner, expand quickly into new stores and new markets while managing everything centrally. This helps streamline your business, reduce cost, and give you a single view of your shopper data. So you can optimise and future-proof your business.

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