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Staying On Top Of Payments with Klook: Localising beyond language

Klook’s Chief Product Officer, David Liu, shares why mobile user experience matters in travel, and what localisation means to a global user base.

10 August, 2018
 ·  4 minutes
Staying On Top Of Payments with Klook: Localizing beyond language

Hear from David Liu, Chief Product Officer of one of Asia’s top travel start-ups, Klook. He chats with Warren Hayashi, Adyen’s APAC President, in this episode of Adyen’s very own payment series, Staying On Top Of Payments

Hong Kong-based Klook is the leading travel and leisure ecommerce platform for experiences and services anytime, anywhere. It curates travel experiences that enables users to satisfy their curiosity for adventure and experiences, both at home and around the world. Its mobile app has been awarded Best of the Year app by both Apple App Store and Google Play, and it’s been featured over 100 times as the go-to app for trip planning. 

Klook has selected Adyen as its payments partner in the Asia Pacific region. With this partnership and payment integration, Klook now offers travelers in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia their preferred payment methods. This includes local payment options like Dragonpay in the Philippines.

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Catch both David and Warren as they uncover payment and travel insights. Watch the full discussion on payments trends, the rising middle class in Asia and why secure mobile booking and QR codes matter more than ever to today’s travellers. 

The rising middle class

David: “There’s a big rise of middle class travelers in all Asian countries. These users come from different countries with different user behaviours, experiences, languages as well as payment preferences. 

Another trend we see is that users in the Asia Pacific region are very adoptive of new technologies such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. It’s why we work with Adyen because they provide local and global payment methods to our users worldwide.” 

Warren adds: “With the rising middle class all over the Asia Pacific region, we need to make sure that these travelers can always pay with their preferred payment methods wherever they go. 

In Hong Kong, interestingly, we’re seeing some of the highest adoption of next-gen mobile wallets. And we see more and more of these payment methods coming up as entrepreneurs are getting into the payments field.”

On catering to a global audience

“We call this ‘localise beyond language’ at Klook – having app features that make sense to the users no matter where they come from. We have a Kakao Talk login in Korea, and special WeChat features in China,’’ David on how the Klook app is relevant to users from around the world. 

Importance of mobile

David: “Klook’s QR code e-voucher is another feature inspired by users. I’ve seen some travelers at the airport with folders of paper vouchers they’ve printed for their bookings. Imagine how hard it can be to find just one voucher from the pile when you’re redeeming something. The way we do it at Klook: we have the voucher in QR code format stored on your phone on the Klook app, online and offline. Because you might not have internet access when traveling. So anytime you need the voucher, just go to the app, show the QR code, and enjoy your experience.” 

Warren: “My journey from Singapore to Hong Kong yesterday was a collection of different customer experiences – all on mobile. I think that’s where the future is. Consumer engagement is really through the mobile especially in the travel vertical. From the payments perspective, it’s so important that we’re optimising mobile experiences. That’s not just making sure that screens are mobile-optimised. But seamless transactions and not ten redirects, because once a consumer drops off, it could mean a customer you’ve lost forever.”

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