Revolutionise payments for your SMBs

Seamlessly embed an integrated payments solution into your platform, powered by Adyen for Platforms (AfP)

Platforms are uniquely positioned to offer payments services to small and medium businesses (SMBs), enabling these users to access an integrated payments solution tailored to their needs and verticals. Explore the opportunities and benefits that embedded payments will unlock for your platform.

Embedded payments

Payments: The pain, the potential

Payments is critical in any business, but navigating the complexity of a fragmented payments ecosystem can be challenging. That's why 35% of SMBs use an embedded payments service provided by their platforms, a 17% increase from 2021. Embedded payments is a huge growth area where complexities for SMB users can be ironed out while unlocking new growth opportunities.

Open up new revenue streams

68% of Australian SMBs want to receive payments processing services from their software platform. Meet your users' payments needs while unlocking new revenue streams through charging fees for processing transactions and business financing.

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Support unified commerce

62% of Australian consumers are more loyal to businesses that let them transact easily across sales channels. With embedded payments, help your SMB users seamlessly connect online and offline sales channel data, payment methods, and regions into a central view. Make it easy for them to build frictionless cross-channel journeys to meet their customers' needs and expectations.

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Deliver unparalleled customer insights

31% of Australian brands benefit from making informed business decisions based on customer insights. Give your users a single view of their customers when you process payments across all sales channels in one system. SMB users can then utilise this data to support decision-making and marketing.



Embedded platform payments, powered by Adyen

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