The complete payments platform for mobility

The mobility industry is undergoing a revolution. From bikes to scooters to trains, taxis, and carsharing, stay relevant and make things simple for customers.

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Better customer service

In the mobility industry, riders and drivers are equally important. Make payments convenient in-app, and payout for drivers seamless.

Suitable for the entire industry

Mobility can apply to all kinds of transportation. Bikes, buses, trains, planes and everything in between. We offer consolidation of payments across sales channels, and faster payouts.

One platform

Cut down on fees, contracts, and partners. Focus on both scalability and your customers with one payment solution.

Data you can use

Understand customers and learn where your business is popular, to choose where to add stops or vehicles.


"The data gathered in payments is very valuable for us, and how Adyen structures this data is super helpful."

Dennis Friemerding Team Lead Payments, FlixBus

Tailored to the mobility industry

The road is long and far-reaching

When you launch in new cities, integrate with us and worry less about managing multiple providers and local acquirers.

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A consistent payment journey, regardless of the channel

Let riders pay en route and their preferred way, across all methods of transport.

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Complete reporting from the shortest ride to the grandest voyage

  • Dashboards for each location: See daily sales and payouts, automate reconciliation, and manage chargebacks, all in a dedicated dashboard for your business.

  • View all payments in one place: One view to understand your business’s channels and location performance.

  • Fraud protection: Our smart risk management system makes sure trips are legitimate and riders are protected.


In-app payments for uninterrupted travel

A checkout flow to suit your mobility business. Accept mobile wallets, like Apple Pay and Google Pay™️, for an effortless passenger or rider experience.

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Get a setup that supports unified customer experiences

Modern mobility companies work across a variety of different channels; apps, ecommerce ticketing, and even point of sale. Unified commerce brings it all together.

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Sensitive card information never gets lost or expires with tokenization.

Smooth reconciliation of local and QR payment methods.

Detect customer language, and let them choose their preferred currency.

Set-up is easy with automated KYC checks for new locations.

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A solution built for

Trains and buses

Payments to keep up with your speed. Offer payment methods from wherever you choose to expand.

Taxi apps

For drivers it’s about receiving a fair and guaranteed rate. Our third party payout solution allows drivers to receive tips individually in an automated way.

Bikes and scooters

Let first-time users input their payment information quickly, so for future rides it’s one tap, not an ordeal.

The Adyen Mobility Guide

It’s 2022, and not since Henry Ford created his Model T has there been such a revolution in mobility. Learn more about where payments come into the equation.

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