As we grow, so does our responsibility

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We work to meet today’s needs and innovate to fulfil tomorrow’s potential. Our ambitions transcend business. We take seriously the long-term trajectory of the world around us. 
We are a link in the larger value chain that powers global commerce and are aware of the effects of this both socially and environmentally. We acknowledge this and actively work to be part of the solution.
We strive to develop and use our financial technology in responsible ways. As we grow, we invest in compensation programs to make a real difference. 
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We have an opportunity to make a positive impact on the planet and its people through our financial technology. By combining innovation with a strong sense of purpose, we can make lasting, meaningful changes.

Ingo Uytdehaage Co-CEO

Paying it forward

We invest our resources in social and environmental initiatives to create a multiplier effect. We reshape industry standards when collaborating with non-profits and helping businesses fundraise with ease. We also promote responsible practices within our teams.

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Our 1% promise

We’re committed to contributing 1% of our annual net revenue, instead of a fixed amount, to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our employees choose where we invest these funds.

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Our donations product

Adyen Giving lets businesses support impactful causes at checkout. We absorb all costs associated with donations, like scheme fees, increasing the return on investment for non-profits.

Adyen’s 1% pledge shows a heart-warming commitment to refugees and displaced people worldwide. With UNHCR as a recipient, Adyen has supported us in delivering critical assistance to people facing crises such as the war in Ukraine and the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria.

Astrid van Genderen Stort UNHCR Chief
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We have a unique opportunity at Adyen to have a big community impact through our people.

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We critically measure our impact on the planet and work towards mitigating it. 

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Our donations product, Giving, allows our customers to generate funds for good causes at checkout. 

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