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Dubai · March 25, 2024

Adyen and Cleeng extend their partnership to boost subscription payments and retention in MENA

Strategic partnership aims to boost revenue  in the Middle East’s media and entertainment industry.

Cleeng and Adyen

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Adyen, the global financial technology platform of choice for leading businesses, announced today the expansion of its partnership with Cleeng, the leading SaaS platform for Subscriber Retention Management (SRM) in the media and entertainment sector into the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market. This marks Cleeng's pioneering step into the UAE, building on its presence in the US and Europe to better serve its Middle East and North Africa broadcasters. The expansion was driven by the needs of TOD, a major sports and entertainment streaming service part of BeIn Media Group in the MENA region, highlighting the demand for Cleeng's services in this new market.

To address the common issue of lost revenue from expired card details, Cleeng’s merchant uses Adyen’s Real Time Account Updater to automatically refresh card information, ensuring uninterrupted service for subscribers. In addition to this, Adyen has introduced solutions like Network Token Optimization, which Cleeng  leverages to enhance data security without compromising authentication rates.  Alongside Adyen’s risk management tool, RevenueProtect, to identify and mitigate fraud for new sign ups. Together, Cleeng and Adyen have expanded payment options to accommodate customers worldwide, streamlining the payment process for a better user experience.

"Our collaboration is built on a shared vision of simplifying technology,” commented Sander Maertens, Head of Middle East , Adyen. “By combining Cleeng's expertise in SRM with our payments, data, and financial management in a single solution, we're not only facilitating business growth but also elevating customer experience in the online entertainment sector across the MENA region."

This partnership paves the way for enhanced user experiences and opens new avenues for payment growth and innovation in the dynamic MENA region market.

"We are excited to venture into the MENA region, a strategic move that has been driven by customer demand,” said Gilles Domartini, CEO at Cleeng. “Our goal is to deliver top-tier service to our clients, increase conversion rates and boost recurring billing success so as to increase Customer Lifetime value (LTV). Integrating Adyen's cutting-edge solution ensures that every subscription transaction is smooth, secure, and tailored to local needs. Leveraging its 14 year partnership with Adyen, Cleeng provides a secure end-to-end payment orchestration which is critical for any broadcaster to secure revenue and boost retention.”


About Adyen:

Adyen (ADYEN:AMS) is the financial technology platform of choice for leading companies. By providing end-to-end payments capabilities, data-driven insights, and financial products in a single global solution, Adyen helps businesses achieve their ambitions faster. With offices around the world, Adyen works with the likes of Meta, Uber, H&M, eBay, and Microsoft.

The cooperation with Cleeng as described in this merchant update underlines Adyen’s continuous growth with current and new merchants over the years.

About Cleeng:

Founded in 2011, Cleeng is a Subscriber Retention Management™ (SRM™) leader in the M&E industry. Its premium SaaS platform features end-to-end, flexible subscriber management solutions spanning customer identity management, payments & billing, analytics & insights, and AI-based subscriber support. The comprehensive solution empowers broadcasters to act fast, reduce churn, and grow customer LTV without overshooting costs. Cleeng’s customer portfolio is impressive and comprises visionary DTC, streaming, and SVOD services, including the NFL, TOD, Optus Sport,, The Weather Channel, and Big Ten Network.