On-demand webinar
Authorization Rates Optimization

Optimize every transaction from checkout to recovery. Discover the tools that enable the best possible user experience when it comes to payments. You’ll squeeze more revenue out of every transaction and never miss a moment to convert your customers again.

During this webinar you'll learn about:

  • The payment landscape and payment flows 
  • The auth rates optimization toolkit
  • Generating higher revenue by optimizing your payment flows
  • Tracking the performance on the Adyen platform

By the time it’s over you know all about the all-in-one payments optimization toolkit that gets the most out of every transaction at each point of the payment flow.

This webinar will be held by Adyen experts and will take 50 min including a live Q&A at the end. 

Who’s this for

Everyone who uses the Adyen platform whether they work for existing or new merchants.

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