Unlock your hotel’s Hidden Star

Seamless. Smart. Delightful. Yes, we’re talking about payments.

For many, payments is just another step, another system to integrate, and an added complexity to manage. But it doesn’t need to be. When it’s set up right, payments can remove complexity by connecting the dots of your guests’ stay.

It's like unlocking an invisible competitive edge.
Think of it as your hotel’s Hidden Star. 

Every payment is an insight, delivering new opportunities for your hotel. 

Here are five ways payments help deliver your Hidden Star

Personalized guest journeys

Easily enable flexible and new guest journeys with a streamlined payments solution. Whether they’re checking in online or spending poolside, your customers can pay wherever and however they like.

A single platform

One system, one payment contract and one terminal provider. Simplify and streamline your systems by consolidating payments across channels and properties through a single platform.

Compliance made easy

Stay ahead of ever-changing data security standards and ensure that you keep your customer details secure, while reducing your need for compliance.

Payments-led insights

Get to know your guests better with insights through payments data and create personalized offerings that deliver memorable guest experiences.

Driving business growth

Add new revenue streams with seamless payments that helps your hotel grow, adapt and capitalize on new opportunities.

“With innovative and flexible solutions, Adyen stood out to us as a preferred strategic partner to meet our vision. Collaborating with Adyen has successfully allowed us to deliver a promise that is secure and contactless while enhancing our offerings as a lifestyle destination where guests can stay, dine, shop, celebrate and relax as they create treasured memories, without interruptions.”

Chadi Chemaly ・ Hotel Manager, Raffles Hotel Singapore

Our solution for hotels

Reduce data exposure

Security is our priority. We’ll ensure you’re PCI compliant, offer secure ways to pay with secure links, while our pre-certified terminals offer either end-to-end or point-to-point-encryption.

Create flexible guest journeys

Centralize the management of payments across all channels and regions with a unified commerce partner. We offer the flexibility to open new sales channels and roll-out new customer journeys, fast and at scale. 

Get complete reporting with our Customer Area

All payments in one place

See payouts and chargebacks across channels, and better understand the types of payment methods you’re accepting and volumes by issuing banks.

Optimized reconciliation

As processor and acquirer, we provide reconciliation for all payments. No matter the channel or location. With our settlement reports, you can rely less on accounting teams.

Clearer insights

Get a better understanding of how your business is doing. From guest behavior to channel and location performance.


Bring personalization to guest payments

From offering the payment methods that matter to your guests, to using tokenization to recognize previous guests at any location in the world, give every guest a personalized experience.

Payment cards are pre-authorized at check-in, with automatic top-ups for extra expenses.

Obtain feedback from your guests at check-out in person via the terminal.

Use dynamic currency conversion to detect guest language, and let them choose their preferred currency.

If a guest no-shows, or late charges need to be collected after checkout, charge payment cards on file.

Work with partners you trust

We know hotels work with multiple suppliers and systems, so whether you’re managing properties, bookings, and channels, make sure your payment partner is one less moving part. We work with leading technology partners in the hospitality sector to create an integrated solution.

Unlock your hotel’s Hidden Star with a payments platform built for hotels.

The Hidden Star Checklist

Amid shifting guest expectations and evolving technology, hotels need a new level of operational agility to keep up with the demands of a changing industry. 

Payments aren’t just a box to tick along your guest’s journey. They can give your business a competitive edge. But more often than not, they get in the way of an enjoyable stay. 

Use our Hidden Star Checklist to assess your current payments setup and unlock your hotel’s growth.

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