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  • Frictionless mobile payments
  • Global reach
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  • Seamless subscriptions

Make it easy with mobile

We support one-click or zero-click payments, which removes every possible barrier to pay. And, since local shoppers want to pay with local methods like Alipay in China, we offer a mobile-optimized integration for key local payment methods. Further, thanks to our mobile SDK, it takes just a few hours to set up mobile payments with Adyen.

For example, Adyen enables Evernote to accept Alipay for mobile-initiated purchases in China.

Reach paying users globally

Accelerate your global growth by supporting key local payment methods. Adyen gives you access to key local payment methods in 150 currencies from a single integration, and adding a new payment method can be as easy as flipping a switch.

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"Adyen continues to provide us with the most advanced payment technology, which has been instrumental in Evernote’s growth internationally."

Power revenue with data

In the US about 2-3% of transactions are declined due to technical errors. Adyen RevenueAccelerate is a suite of data-driven tools that work in the background of every transaction to drive card approval rates, converting these unnecessary declines into approvals. That’s free money right there.

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Automate your fraud defense

With high volumes of transactions, keeping fraud under control can be a nightmare. Manually reviewing each payment is unrealistic, but if left unchecked, fraud can be a real drain on your revenue. With Adyen's inbuilt risk management system RevenueProtect, we've got you covered. Our data-driven algorithms identify and block fraud while letting your legitimate customers pay uninterrupted.

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Support seamless subscriptions

With Adyen it is quick and easy to set up subscriptions and recurring payments. In addition to credit cards, you can also support subscriptions via popular payment methods such as Alipay, Apple Pay and JCB.

Account Updater

The Adyen Account Updater will ensure you never miss a payment due to your customer's card expiring. We can also generate a significant uplift in conversions by retrying initially-declined transactions.

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