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Help your customers seamlessly donate at the checkout

Donating to charities just got easier with Adyen Giving.

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Support charities with a tap or click

Accept donations online, in your app, and in your stores. Plus, to continue our social responsibility efforts we take on all the costs of the donation transactions*.

Hassle free

Enjoy a clear separation of donations from commercial transactions. 

Full control

Choose the charities you care about the most and set up by store, region, terminal or url domain.

Local experience

Fully localized experience with language, payment method options and more.

Total amount

100% of the donation amount goes to the chosen charity, no one else.

*Eligibility criteria applies

Is Adyen Giving right for your business?

Choosing to do good through your business can be difficult to manage. Below are three scenarios you may be familiar with, and how we can help.

Helping your charities expand

We all want to help charities get the funding they need. Adyen Giving increases the pool of funds available to charities by simplifying charitable donations for you, your shoppers and good causes. The donation is a separate transaction, which means there is no impact on your reconciliation, at the same time not compromising your shoppers’ experience. 

Charities are paid out directly by us, and you get a full transparent overview of contributions. 

Perfect for local social responsibility and sustainability teams

Giving your local teams autonomy to own their programs and charity relationships is easier than ever with Adyen Giving. You can customize to suit whatever setup you have for charitable donations. 
This way you can manage everything from one place, and give local teams the freedom to collect donations for local charities. 

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Starting your social responsibility and sustainability journey

It may be overwhelming taking the first steps towards giving back to society. Adyen Giving is an easier way to start

You can turn it on with ease to help out during times when charities need it the most and choose from a list of approved charities that are already setup. 

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Learn more about our sustainability efforts

Find out more about our social responsibility efforts. 

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