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Protect your business from fraud

Block fraud, prevent disputes, and stay ahead of the latest fraud trends using advanced technology combined with customizable risk rules.

Detect, prevent and respond to fraud from a unified view of payment data

Use risk templates combined with advanced technology to customize your fraud setup

Add further customization with detailed risk rules and thoroughly check each transaction

Use experiment tools to optimize live traffic for the best outcome

Control how you get notified, review, and action chargebacks

Identify abnormal behaviours across a range of customer journeys.

Use unique risk reducing technology

Mix your risk rules and our advanced algorithm to meet the protection needs of your business.

Customize settings

Choose from industry-based risk profiles then customize by adding or creating risk rules and block lists. Enrich these profiles with additional identifier databases, and set notifications and review queues.

Risk check dashboard in Adyen customer area

Robust protection

Benefit from a range of powerful built-in risk tools including 3D Secure authentication, real-time machine learning, and the ability to run your own risk experiments.

Detect and manage everything in one place

Monitor fraud

Find out the reasons behind fraudulent payments across all your sales channels, in one place.

Review insights

Take a deep dive into your payment data to get to know your customers. 

Optimize risk procedures

Learn and adapt in real time how your business can handle fraud and ways to improve.

Risk management for any business

Enjoy comprehensive tools for your industry and business model.

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