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Use a payment link as a way to pay 

Let customers pay using a secure payment link that’s hosted by us and made by you. You send a link, your customer pays, and you get paid.


Any channel becomes your checkout

With our hosted checkout pages, you can receive funds from your customers using a link that can be sent through pretty much any channel.

Call center

Send a link during your calls for more security.

Social media

Guide people into the payment flow on social media. 


Bring online payments into your store.


Place links in emails to reduce abandoned baskets. 


Add payment links to invoices to get paid directly.

QR code

Create a QR code that points directly to a checkout.

Chat and SMS

Payments right within your conversation.


Create one link to receive multiple donations. 

The fastest way to unlock contextual commerce

Offer a range of payment experiences and easily integrate using a customizable hosted checkout page that you can share in any channel.

Be your own sales channel

Accept payments online without the hassle of having to run a website, maintain an app, or deal with point of sale terminals.

3D Secure 2 built in

Secure each transaction with a liability shift and reduce fraud with strong customer authentication that’s already built into your link. 

Increase revenue

Reactivate shoppers with abandoned carts or with failed transactions by following up with a payment directly.

Always up to date

No need for upgrading or keeping track with new regulations, as we’re always on top of the latest security and fraud trends.

Flexible omnichannel experience

Offer full payment flexibility, accept a down-payment in store then follow up for the rest with a payment link on any sales channel.

Four ways to use Pay by Link

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