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Master payments with our range of free webinars and in-house training sessions. Adyen Education is a suite of in-depth courses designed to empower you to use the Adyen platform to its full potential.

Live webinar + Q&A session

With Adyen Impact, we use our technology to create seamless options for our merchants’ shoppers to give back to society and the environment. Our Giving, Restore and Emergency Relief features enable shoppers to donate to the merchants’ preferred charity, fund a climate action project of choice or collectively respond in a time of crisis. 

During this webinar you'll learn about:

  • The trends in the market around businesses being a force for good  
  • What the Impact product is 
  • Choosing a cause that suits your strategy 
  • Examples of the Impact product in action
  • How the Impact product can be implemented 

By the time it’s over you’ll know how to launch Impact product features to involve you shoppers with your preferred social responsibility and/or sustainability strategy. 

This webinar will be held by Adyen experts and will take 1 hour including a live Q&A at the end. 

Who’s this for

  • Everyone who uses the Adyen platform and wants to help their customers to do good at the checkout

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