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Speed is the foundation of our company. We think fast. We work fast. We launch fast. We put our merchants at the center of everything we do, and we never stop until the job is done. We’re creating our own path, with a global team driving sustainable growth. We don’t do hierarchy, egos or boundaries. “Not possible” is not in our vocabulary — “freedom” is. This is who we are: honest, direct and always bringing an element of fun into our work. If you’re ready to join the power of fast, keep reading.

Awesome Security Expert

Who is:

Looking for insanely broad responsibilities

In to coding


Wants to make a real difference

Creative and is up for some work travel

We need your knowledge, experience and skills to enhance our capabilities and reach through the business and our technology stack in topics as diverse as secure coding, helping shape the culture and practice of security throughout the organization, cryptographic key management, digital forensics, real-time event analysis and incident response, solutions prototyping and development, building out culture, ethical hacking, representing the security perspective in architectural and governance settings, and liaising with regulators and client security teams.

 What you’ll do

You will work on challenging projects and automating of different, difficult manual tasks. You will solve hard problems effectively and find the right balances between risk and effort. You will assist colleagues in foreign offices (including Singapore, São Paulo and San Francisco). As a self-starter you like to get your hands dirty, write code, deal with questions, give feedback and generally have an impact from day one. You will be part of a highly technical and business environment and get opportunities to pick your own projects. You will be working right amongst our developers and business colleagues building our platform.

 Who you are

As an experienced developer who is also a security person, you like to combine your technical and soft skills to solve other people’s challenges, and you’re looking to broaden your scope in a unique and exciting environment. Nothing gives you more energy than learning about how to manage real risks and working out great solutions that will keep working into the future. In your spare time you like to explore security tools, technologies and work on side projects.

  • You have real integrity and commitment to act to protect our colleagues, customers, partners and business
  • Understand that information security problems need people-based as much as technology-based solutions
  • Have real and substantial experience in several security specialties including secure coding practices and culture in a full-stack environment
  • Are a team player, able to make quick, informed decisions under pressure and open to feedback
  • Have the mind-set to script, automate, and scope projects to avoid repetitive tasks, because work-life balance is important

Who we are

Adyen is the payments platform of choice for the world's leading companies, delivering frictionless payments across online, mobile and in-store channels. It is the only provider of a modern end-to-end infrastructure, connecting directly to Visa, Mastercard, and consumers' globally preferred payment methods. With offices around the world, Adyen serves nine of the 10 largest U.S. internet companies and many worldwide retailers. Customers include Facebook, Uber, L'Oreal, Casper, Bonobos, and Spotify.

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