Visa Europe Scheme Fee Change (October 2014)

From 1 October 2014 Visa Europe is introducing a new mandated EUR 12 Scheme Fee for Fraudulent Chargebacks.

The rationale for the new Scheme Fee is that Visa has been seeing a month on month increase in Card Not Present Fraud, and it wants to create an incentive for merchants to improve their fraud strategies and increase the use of 3D Secure.

The criteria for the Scheme Fee being levied is: The Chargeback must originate from a European Issued Card and only applies to Fraudulent Chargebacks (reason codes 75:Cardholder does not recognize and 83:Card Absent Fraud)

Following our Interchange + Scheme Fee model, Adyen will be passing this Visa Europe Scheme Fee on to our merchants. Because we follow a pass through model, please note that there will be no Scheme Fee levied for:

  • Mastercard Chargebacks; 
  • Non Fraudulent Visa Chargebacks;
  • Visa Chargebacks with non European cards; and
  • Transactions where there has been a liability shift to the Issuing Banks for fraudulent chargebacks given that 3D Secure has been offered. 

We have discussed the Scheme Fee at length with Visa Europe and have provided some further details from our discussions with them below:

  • The Scheme Fee applies to all European Acquiring Banks.
  • The Scheme Fee will apply in situations when the Chargeback occurs after 1 October though the transaction occurred prior to 1 October.
  • This Scheme Fee will also apply to fraudulent recurring transactions with European issued cards when the initial transaction was processed through 3D Secure.

If you would like further clarification on this new Scheme Fee then please contact your Adyen Account Manager.

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