ticketscript gets the omnichannel party started

ticketscript provides events with a streamlined solution to manage ticket sales both online and at the door.

ticketscript is the European market leader in digital self-ticketing, handling ticket sales for events across Europe – from music festivals to fairs and exhibitions. 

First and foremost a technology company, ticketscript developed an intuitive platform from which to sell tickets online. This was an ideal set-up for music events, where tickets typically sell-out in advance, but for fairs and exhibitions, where visitors often prefer to buy on the door, events managers needed an additional partner in order to sell tickets at the point of sale.

With multiple partners, managers had no cohesive view of their ticket sales – and ticketscript could only ever sell a proportion of the tickets.

With Adyen’s support, ticketscript came up with a solution: ticketscript BoxOffice: a self-contained point of sale kit, which can be set-up in any environment. 

Staff sell tickets from any location during the event.

Each BoxOffice comes with a wireless payment terminal installed with Adyen’s software, and able to accept contactless payments, and a wide range of cards. Armed with just a pin terminal and a tablet, staff can sell tickets, or event merchandise, from any location.

Ticketing needs to be cutting edge, it needs to be with new technology, it needs to be a complete experience, but it also needs to be about not waiting around  - because we want [our visitors] here to see all the designs.” Tim Vermeulen, Program manager, Dutch Design Week

Because all ticket sales are processed via Adyen, events managers benefit from a complete overview of their ticket sales, both online and at the door in real-time. This not only helps them stay within venue capacity, but gives instant insight into potential issues so they can make adjustments on the spot. 

As a result, events managers can deliver the best experience to attendees, drive sales and run more successful events.

ticketscript can now sell 100% of the tickets.

We thought our clients could be more successful, and we think we are the right partner to give them the tools to [achieve this]. And by partnering up with a professional party like Adyen, I think we can offer the best service to them.” Ruben van der Heuvel, ticketscript.