Simplify your global commerce with Adyen and hybris

Now hybris customers can accept local payment methods from customers all over the world, across all sales channels, from a single integration.

Today, shoppers interact with their favorite brands from their desktops, their mobiles and in-store.

This gives savvy merchants the opportunity to engage with their customers as never before.

Critical to success however, is an infrastructure able to support a global, channel agnostic business. The right technology partners will help you consolidate your operations and empower you to deliver a frictionless shopper experience across all channels and geographies. 

With the Adyen hybris extension you benefit from the features of Adyen’s global payments platform, directly inside hybris, with a straightforward integration.

Accelerate your global expansion

To successfully expand into new markets, it is important your local customers can pay in the ways they know and trust. In markets like the US and UK, credit card is king, but in others such as Brazil, customers expect to pay in installments using cash-based methods such as Boleto. 

Adyen supports all popular payment methods, in 187 currencies, allowing you to quickly roll out new payment methods which lead to higher local conversion rates and an increased speed-to-market. 

Increase conversions across all channels

Providing a frictionless payment experience reduces shopper pain points and increases your conversions. In addition to this, the inexorable rise of mobile makes straightforward payment flows suitable for small screens a must-have. 

Adyen delivers an easy checkout, regardless of your shoppers’ location, or device they are using. This includes local payments optimized for mobile, which is increasingly important. In China for example, shoppers make purchases on their mobile using local payment methods like Alipay, for which Adyen has an optimized solution.

Tailoring the checkout to each customer streamlines the process and creates a more personal interaction. This can include dynamically offering relevant payment methods, or enabling one-click payments for returning customers both online and in-store. 

Your customers increasingly expect to move through the payment flow seamlessly across multiple channels. They want to purchase an item online and return it in-store, or order in-store and have the item delivered to a location of their choice. Adyen’s internet-based technology enables these functionalities, and more, meaning you can continue to exceed your customers’ expectations. 

Optimize your operations

Adyen’s unique payments solution manages the entire payment flow from checkout, right through to final settlement in your account. This means one contract and one set of reporting. 

Ownership of the entire payment flow provides unparalleled access to in-depth reporting and analytics, enabling you to drill right down into the cause of an issue and fine-tune your settings to deliver the best possible results globally. 

To further streamline your operations and save you valuable work-hours, Adyen draws on its extensive data to bring automation to as many processes as possible. Meaning you are free to concentrate on the growth of your business.

Transform risk management into a revenue generator

As your business grows, your exposure to fraud increases. The challenge is to block fraudulent transactions without impacting your conversion rates.

Our risk management solution RevenueProtect has a core functionality called ShopperDNA, which uses extensive transaction data and advanced linking algorithms to distinguish fraudsters from genuine shoppers, meaning only fraudulent transactions are stopped. 

RevenueProtect will also save time spent on manual reviews. Its Risk Engine dynamically categorizes transactions in real–time and routes them to be approved, declined or dynamically sent to 3D Secure.

The remaining few can be reviewed manually. This engine is fully customizable to be optimized for your specific business model. 

Deliver a frictionless shopper experience across all channels and geographies.

Integrate seamlessly

With Adyen’s hybris extension, you will benefit from a fast, easy integration process. This includes Easy Encryption, which enables a direct connection from your payment pages without capturing sensitive payment data on your server. With this you have full control over your payment pages without the burden of PCI compliance. 

This integration comes with our dynamic Directory Look-up feature. The Directory look-up sends information such as the shopper location, shopping basket value and currency to Adyen, which will then dynamically provide the list of the most relevant payment methods for this shopper. With this you can generate a customized payment page in real-time, allowing the shopper to complete his purchase using a targeted selection of payment methods. 

Fine-tune your settings to deliver the best possible results.

The Adyen hybris extension has been created to support rapid global expansion for hybris merchants. With it, you have a robust payments platform capable of scaling to match your growth empowering you to accept payments from customers wherever and however they choose to pay. 

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