Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Adyen Offer In-store Digital Checkout

We are pleased to announce the rollout of an in-store digital checkout - Commerce Cloud's Digital Store Solution - for merchants globally.

With the new solution, merchants are empowered to deliver truly personalized shopping experiences, and mobilize the in-store sales process.

About Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud delivers customer, product, and inventory data to in-store retail staff. With the new integration to the Adyen payment platform, in-store staff can quickly see useful information such as past purchases (from online as well as in-store), buying behavior, and product inventory - giving them everything they need to deliver data-backed, highly personalized service. 

The benefits of Adyen's global card acquiring network

Furthermore, due to Adyen's unique position as a global card acquirer, scaling internationally with  Commerce Cloud and Adyen is made easy. Merchants can now accept all major international and local cards at the point of sale in 27 countries in Europe and in the US, through Adyen's single technical interface and contractual agreement. 

Multiple POSsibilities for merchants

Having access to cross-channel shopper data gives merchants a treasure trove of information that can be analyzed for patterns across online and offline, and utilized for customer retention and loyalty marketing purposes. As merchants are now moving past planning and into reality with their omni-channel offerings, this particular aspect of the omni-channel trend has enormous potential to significantly improve the shopper experience and grow retailers' revenues.

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